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Beautiful results of Dr. Hakimi’s periodontics in Auburn, CA.

‘‘Dr. Hakimi and her staff are the most amazing people you will ever meet. Dr. Hakimi herself is such a caring person and is so sweet. She is truly the best periodontist you will ever meet. I would not recommend anyone other than her. If you don’t believe me, then come to her office yourself and you will see just how amazing she is and how great her work is!‘‘

Angelica V., Pampered Patient

‘‘Dr. Hakimi and her staff are excellent in every way. My molar implants and sinus lift came out perfectly with minimal discomfort. I did not need my pain meds at home. She was very focused on my needs and concerns. Her dental chairs are in a pastoral foothills setting overlooking redwoods in a garden setting, which I find relaxing. I will go back.‘‘

Ray A., Pampered Patient

‘‘I am MORE than impressed with the work done by Dr. Hakimi! She is so kind and caring and does a terrific job! I've been needing an implant for 10 years now and I finally got it! I've also had a gingivectomy, tissue graft and bone graft done by her as well. My mouth is now in tip-top shape, still healing, and getting ready for veneers! Every office visit and phone call has been handled with extreme sincerity and kindness. All of the ladies are wonderful.‘‘

Lauren S., Pampered Patient

‘‘Dr. Hakimi never forgets she is working on a human being! She waylays fears, anxieties, and apprehension about "going to the dentist" with ease and her assured manner. She has performed three different procedures on me. From these experiences, I firmly believe and trust in her steady, confident manner. Her professional education is tip top, and she, Melissa, and her other staff work efficiently and professionally.‘‘

Tina C., Pampered Patient

‘‘Dr. Hakimi and staff provided me with the best medical experience I have ever received. The foundation of the experience is based on the knowledge and abilities of the doctor. It is very clear that the entire process and team have been thoroughly trained and have systems set up to provide an outstanding experience to their patients.‘‘

Pampered Patient

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