Periodontal Services in Auburn, ca

Our Sacramento area periodontal services are highly sought after by both dental professionals and patients alike.

  • Sinus Lift
  • Dental Implants
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery
  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Conscious Sedation
A smiling couple riding bikes illustrates how dental implants which are offered as part of our periodontal services in Sacramento and Auburn CA can restore your smile.


A vicious chain reaction is unleashed if just one tooth is missing or damaged. Bone and tissue structure begin to decay and the integrity and alignment of other teeth are compromised. Our dental implants embody the durability, beauty, and functionality of natural teeth and have a higher success rate than any other dental procedure. Dr. Hakimi, an expert in dental implants and periodontics in Auburn, CA, uses the highest quality materials in the industry and sophisticated diagnostic 3D digital scanning and rendering to perfect the tiniest details.

Advantages of dental implants:

  • Preserve existing jawbone and gum tissue
  • Prevent bone decay and facial anomalies
  • Keep surrounding tooth structure in tact
  • Relatively imperishable
  • Mirror the shade and tinge of your natural teeth
  • Chew, speak, and smile without embarrassing moments


Also known as gum surgery, this procedure involves regenerating the functionality and aesthetics of your smile by fixing uneven gumlines, over- or under-exposed teeth, re-growing destroyed gum and jaw bone areas, and even correct embarrassing speech impediments.

From lifting your sinuses to accommodate an implant to lifting or lengthening the gumline to enhance the beauty of your natural teeth, your periodontist in Auburn, CA uses the most advanced technology and methods to ensure beautiful, long-lasting, and functional results.

We have unique procedures to match your needs.

A woman standing outside of her car smiling to show how Dr. Hakimi uses periodontal surgery to restore smiles.
A man relaxing in his chair illustrates how sedation dentistry helps patients with anxiety.


Are you scared of the dentistry? We are here to help.

Dr. Hakimi has built her practice in Auburn on solid ethical grounds where her top priority is to make sure you feel safe and in control at all times. We will NEVER perform a procedure unless you feel comfortable and are in agreement. We are committed to a pain-free, stress-free environment where you can relax and trust us to restore your oral health with patience and respect.

Our safe and certified sedation dentistry options, including IV sedation and oral sedation, are an excellent solution for those who are anxious, extremely nervous, or fearful.



We believe aesthetic dentistry is an art and a science. Since your smile is the very first thing people notice about you, restoring beauty and function to a smile takes on a whole new meaning for people who feel embarrassed to smile due to decay or dental trauma.

We can partner with your general dentist to provide 3D digital imaging to mark the ideal position of porcelain veneers according to your gum sculpting procedure. And in just 2-3 visits we can rejuvenate years of apparent aging from your face and enhance your confidence and motivation in personal and professional relationships. Some of our patients have even cried tears of joy after seeing their life-changing results for the first time!

A woman outside in the fall smiling with a perfectly white straight smile to show how aestehtic dentistry in Sacramento can improve your confidence.

A woman in bed covering her ears as her husband snores loudly beside her to show that Dr. Hakimi offers breathing treatments as part of her periodontal services in Sacramento and Auburn CA


Is your bed partner's snoring keeping you awake at night?

Loud snoring can actually be a sign of an airway or breathing problem. Millions of Americans suffer from the negative effects caused by breathing problems and may not even be aware of the cause of their problems.

We offer safe, effective treatment for airway and breathing problems.


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