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Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, a dentist in Auburn, CA
Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, a dentist in Auburn, CA
Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, a dentist in Auburn, CA

"It's not just about your teeth – it's about improving your lifestyle, diet, confidence, and overall health. That's what I offer at my practice."

"I believe those who come to me for aid and guidance do so because they are ready for a positive change in their smile, and they need someone they can trust to help nurture them to optimal oral health.

"We offer a flexible financial solution to make sure you go home in peace, knowing you've completed the necessary treatment at a price you can afford.

"Helping men and women overcome their fears and give them a glowing, functional smile that improves their lives is why I come to work every day - and it never gets old."


Committed to Your Health and Comfort

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A Periodontist in Auburn, CA You Can Trust

My passion is recognized throughout the community.
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‘‘Amazing dentist! She was very patient with me as I have anxiety from a bad experience as a child at the dentist. Made me feel comfortable and she honestly cared about my well-being. I would recommend her to everyone!‘‘

- Erika H., Pampered Patient

What You Can Expect with Our Periodontist

Dr. Hakimi and her team members smiling outside the office
Dr. Hakimi and her team members smiling outside the office
Dr. Hakimi and her team members smiling outside the office

"At my practice, everything is digital. We do digital x-rays, impressions, case graphics, and other technologies that help us go above and beyond expectations. I earn my patients' trust by listening and understanding where they are coming from and what they need to feel better.

"I pride myself in forming a journey around your smile by treating the whole-person — figuring out your goals and motivations to renew your smile's beauty and functionality."

"I start your consultation by taking pictures of your smile with a tiny camera and document photos to show you exactly what we’re going to work on and how the end result will look and feel. This authentic way of visualizing results helps me live up to my name as a specialized dentist in Auburn, CA.

"Dentists trust us, and we know you will too. Discover what else sets us apart."


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Periodontics is recognized as a dental specialty, which means a general dentist cannot simply call themselves periodontist.

To become a periodontist, a dentist must receive two to three years of additional training and education beyond dental school. Like Dr. Hakimi, periodontists become experts in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum-related disease, as well as placement of dental implants.

Your general dentist may refer you to Dr. Hakimi because:

  • They don't offer the periodontal care you need
  • Your case is too complex for their level of expertise
  • They want her trusted second opinion
  • Your gum disease has advanced too far or is not under control
  • And plenty more reasons!

Seeing a periodontist for your specialized dental care ensures you are in the best hands. Plus, Dr. Hakimi performs these types of treatments regularly, making your dental experience faster, calm, and comfortable.

We understand you may have anxiety about visiting a periodontist or the dentist in general. You are not alone!

A lot of dental anxiety or fear stems from fear of pain and the unknown. To help you break down these barriers, we:

  • Set aside time to listen to your needs, goals, and concerns
  • Clearly and openly communicate our findings, proposed treatments, and what you can expect step-by-step
  • Are transparent with costs and offer financial solutions
  • Use modern technology to make your visits faster, painless, and more effective
  • Are always gentle and will go at your pace to ensure your comfort
  • Offer sedation dentistry, in addition to anesthetics, to help you relax while receiving the care you need

Whatever it is that's holding you back or making you nervous, you can trust our team will help you through it. We truly care about you and your overall well-being and want to help by offering the best dental care and patient experience available.

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