Meet Dr. Hakimi

"It’s not just about your teeth – it’s about improving your lifestyle, diet, confidence, and overall health. That's what I offer at my practice."

– Nicky Hakimi, Dentist in Auburn, CA

Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, a dentist in Auburn, CA
Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, a dentist in Auburn, CA
Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, a dentist in Auburn, CA

At my practice, everything is digital. We do digital x-rays, impressions, case graphics, and other technologies that help us go above and beyond expectations. I earn my patients’ trust by listening and understanding where they are coming from and what they need to feel better.

I pride myself in forming a journey around your smile by treating the whole-person — figuring out your goals and motivations to renew your smile's beauty and functionality.

I start your consultation by taking pictures of your smile with a tiny camera and document photos to show you exactly what we’re going to work on and how the end result will look and feel. This authentic way of visualizing results helps me live up to my name as a “specialized” dentist in Auburn, CA.

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My Credentials:
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Community Devotion

Fluent in French, Spanish, English, and Farsi. Also an avid advocate for SDDS Smiles for Kids, The Sierra Adoption Services, and college campus ministries.

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Burning Passion

Very proactive with new and effective oral health techniques to ensure a holistic approach and keep all my patients healthy. Also, I completed the long course "Olympic Triathalon" in Napa, CA.


A Dentist in Auburn You Can Trust

My passion is recognized throughout the community.
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Why do I choose to work as a periodontist dentist in Auburn, CA?

I believe those who come to me for aid and guidance do so because they are ready for a positive change in their smile, and they need someone they can really trust to help nurture them to optimal oral health. We offer a flexible financial solution to make sure you go home in peace, knowing you’ve completed the necessary treatment at a price you can afford.

Helping men and women overcome their fears and give them a glowing, functional smile that improves their life is why I come to work every day—and it never gets old.

You are in capable and caring hands.
See how we plan to regenerate your smile's beauty.